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Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00 to 19:30
Start: 09 March 2021
End: 22 April 2021
Total: 28 lessons
Fee: EUR 170 (see discount package: Fit for Work)


In "German for Work 1“ you will improve your German for everyday working life.

You will learn how to optimize the daily communication with colleagues, superiors, customers, suppliers or business partners of the company. Communicative situations on the phone, in meetings or negatiations, in presentations, and in discussions in an intercultural context will be practiced.


  • Working people with good basic knowledge of the language, who work in German companies and want to improve their professional communication skills.
  • Students and professionals with good basic language skills who want to prepare for work in a German company.

Language requirements: Level B2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


The course is based on the books: Müller/Schlüter/Hagner (2017), Im Beruf neu B1+/B2, Hueber Verlag, Kursbuch: ISBN: 978-3-19-201190-0, Arbeitsbuch: ISBN: 978-3-19-211190-7 (The books are not included in the course price.)

Focus: Oral and written communication in everyday professional life

  • Work-related vocabulary and idioms
  • Oral and written exercises to improve communication skills in professional life
  • Create a business letter DIN standard 5008 - writing and formatting rules for word processing
  • Compose clear and customer-friendly emails, with attention to spelling, grammatical accuracy and modern word selection
  • Strategies for competent and appropriate conversation on the phone, in meetings, and in negotiations
  • Simulate situations from professional life to overcome linguistic barriers


This course carries 1.5 ECTS credits


Time: Monday and Wednesday, 18:00 to 19:30
Start: 06 September 2021
End: 20 October 2021
Total: 28 lessons
Fee: EUR 170 (see discount package: Fit for Work)


You can register online (online registration under "Special Courses") or in person during office hours.

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