The course "Speaking Practice 2" will enable you to expand your range and ability to express yourself in German at a high level. You will optimize the lingustic skills necessary to respond in unplanned interaction.


Advanced learners of German who wish to improve their existing good oral skills.

Minimum language requirements: Level B2 (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

Approximate number of participants: 15


Focus: General Conversation and Presentation Techniques

  • Vocabulary and speech modules for presentations
  • Vocal exercises, self-presentation, gestures, facial expressions, body language
  • Development of typical presentation techniques (e.g., target group analysis, structuring, content and progression, dramaturgy, script, flashcards, creating handouts, PowerPoint as a medium of presentation, development and design of meaningful slides, using graphs and charts, time management)
  • Conversation management strategies (e.g., paraphrasing questions, checking questions, admitting knowledge gaps, responding to objections and aggressive questions, expressing thanks)
  • Dealing with nervousness, stage fright, and slip-ups
  • Pronunciation and intonation practice
  • Fluency practice


Further information: Gesprächstraining 2 (German version) 

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