• A completed registration form
  • A copy of high school or university certificate (where necessary with translation):
    • You will need: A certificate which allows you to study at a German university. If you are not sure if your certificate is sufficient, then you can check at: http://anabin.kmk.org/ or ask in our office.
    • We will need: A copy of your certificate. For all products that are not in Latinate script, we will need a copy of the original with a certified translation.
  •  EUR 60 registration fee (The EUR 60 is part of the course fee.)

We can register you as long as places are still available. Early registration is recommended.

Please note:

  • The remaining course fee must be paid at least two weeks before the course starts. Of course, you may also pay the entire course fee as a single payment. Particularly in special courses, it is better if you pay the full amount immediately.
  • The number of participants is limited. It may be that there are no more spaces available before the payment deadline. We recommend registering early and pay the full course fee.
  • We do not accept copies of invoices. Therefore, please do not send us emails with such copies attached.
  • This also applies to registration for next level or later courses: The full course fee must be received by the Deutschkurse bei der Universität München e.V. at least two weeks before the course starts. Otherwise we cannot guarantee a place in the follow-up course.

Special conditions apply to registration for: