In summer, we offer one-month intensive general language courses:


Accompanying the language course, you can get to know Munich and its beautiful surroundings.
In the afternoon or weekend exploring the city and its attractions: Famous museums (art galleries), breweries and the English Garden waiting for your visit. Guided tours provide insight into the richness and diversity of the city of Munich. You will make excursions to the surrounding area, with its lakes and the Alps, e.g., to the Royal Castle of Neuschwanstein.

For more information: Kulturprogramm


Für Option 1 und Option 2: Summer Intensive Language Course without / with Project:

for the course starting 08 July 2020: 24 June 2020
for the course starting 04 August 2020: 24 June 2020
for the course starting 07 September 2020: 24 August 2020

For Option 3: Summer Intensive Course for Beginners in August: 24 June 2020

You can register online (online registration under "Summer Courses") or in person during office hours.
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Please note: Accommodation cannot be provided for these summer courses.


Option 1: Summer Intensive Course for All Levels (in July, August, or September): 3 ECTS Credits
Option 2: Summer Intensive Course XL for All Levels (in July, August, or September): 6 ECTS Credits
Option 3: Summer Intensive Course for Beginners (in August): 3 ECTS Credits