The DSH has a written and an oral part. The written test consists of the following sections:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Task-based text production
  • Reading comprehension and academic language structures

The overall result is graded at three levels:

  • DSH 1: if at least 57 percent in the written and oral part are achieved
  • DSH 2: if at least 67 percent in the written and oral part are achieved (DSH 2 is usually sufficient for university enrollment.)
  • DSH 3: if at least 82 percent are achieved in the written and oral part

The oral exam is only administered if the written exam is passed. It takes place a few days after the written test. The oral test is a mandatory part of the DSH.

The most important information is available in the pdf „Wie sieht die DSH-Prüfung aus?“ ("What is in the DSH exam?") It contains a sample DSH exam, tips on the individual exam sections, and literature to help you prepare. Take advantage of our free Practice for the Listening on our website.


Alejandra Verde from Argentina took the DSH with us and said:
"Bei der DSH kann man zeigen, wie gut man die deutsche Sprache beherrscht. Bei anderen Prüfungen hat man manchmal ein Zeitproblem, aber bei der DSH hat man genug Zeit, man kann bei den einzelnen Aufgaben gut nachdenken. Die DSH ist eine schwierige Prüfung, aber wenn man viel lernt und übt, dann besteht man auch die Prüfung."